Cheap Ways for Decorating and Furnishing Apartments

Before starting to decorate and furnish your apartment rental, you should better think about the look that you are going to achieve or, at least, think about what you are actually comfortable with. There is the option to go for used or new furniture as well as accessories. In order to get best results, you should do some research prior to beginning to scour thrift or retail stores. Make sure that you have all the items listed prior to moving out.

Painting the walls of your apartments in baton rouge la can be the cheapest alternative you can have for adding some personality and color into your apartment. It is believed by some that the rooms can be painted for a small amount like just $25 and it will include all supplies as well. However, you may not be allowed by some of the landlords to paint the walls of your apartment. When you come across such a situation, the best thing you can do is to add some color into your apartment with the help of the wall hangings like framed pictures and posters, small sheets, and rugs. It is a good idea to invest in buying some frames from the thrift stores and filling them up with the old pictures, illustrated novels or cookbooks.

When it comes to decorating the floors of your apartment, area rugs will be a quick source of adding some color and depth to your room, no matter if your room is carpeted already. Make sure that the area is measured prior to choosing the rug as you’d never want to have a rug which is too big for your available space or way too small that it can’t make any difference at all.

Usually there are blinds already used on the windows of your rental apartments. You can, however, use curtains for making the windows to stand out. Inexpensive rods and curtains can be easily found at the retail stores. In case if you are amongst those who like sewing then it is a better idea to buy sheets in king-size and sew pocket for the curtain rod and slide it through.

Consider buying throw pillows, books, vases and table lamps as these accessories will make your rental apartments baton rouge to really stand out from the rest. You can sew new fabric coverings for you existing throw pillows. You can also ask your friends and family members about the accessories that they might have stored away. Alternately, pay a visit to the thrift stores to get different kinds of used stuff; but make sure that you scrutinize these items prior to making a purchase and plug in any electrical items so that you can see they work or not. Almost anything can be painted and, hence, you shouldn’t let go a lamp whose base is a bit ugly if it’d work well in some different color.